Friday, January 29, 2016

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jan / Feb / March 2015

Time goes by so quickly, did not realise the last post was such a lengthy time ago.
So far this year has been eventful, it starts with a work trip to Inverness to see a customer where I stayed at a lovely hotel overlooking the Ness, a slight bonus was that the hotel had 250 different varieties of whiskey, so I only have to visit 248 more times.

February my big brother Wayne visited Weymouth and we managed to go out for a drink without me suffering the next day, a win win occasion.

Sunny walk at Ringstead bay where the kids managed to break apart a huge rock and bring home large chunks of crystal to take to school

Sunday walk in Morton plantation.

Dog training at its best, yet I think the smell of deer is calling.

Ice puddles

Kite surfing off the Chesil Beach.

World book day, Jacob as Peter Pan, Bethany as Hetty Feather, Oliver as Riddler, Rebecca as Puppy.
3 of the costumes home made by Katharine with a little help from me on the Riddle Cane. A very successful fancy dress attire.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas raffle

Dek Christmas raffle always contains good gifts, I have had a few years of drought which had been corrected by winning 3kg 24" chocolate Father Christmas 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Busiest time of the year

December is always is a busy time of the year, but this year it seems to be more hectic than previous.

Ever wondered what happens when a beanbag has a hole! well its like an indoor snow storm. This was a good idea at the time, until Katharine announced she had to go to work and we had to clear up the mess!
Fun for all the family.

A cute November picture thrown in, to remember the visit from the Davies family, and to remember Rebecca's caring side and the beginning of her army.

School plays are always a big hit with grown ups this time of year, to see what connection they actually have with the Christmas message. This year was a daughter in a caring family that welcomed the lonely stranger.

The finale and one content happy performer.

Rebecca & Jacob play was about two time travelling spacemen on there quest to find the true meaning of Christmas, they came across a shopping mall and strictly come dancing, so I guess they were close on there success! Rebecca played a narrator and a turkey which she shortened, so she became the 'Turkeyrator'. Jacob swapped his role from a joke teller to a ballroom dancer.

Rebecca in the narrator role.

Jacob swooping across the dance floor, with Ellie.

I think Jacob scored a SEVEN!!!!!

The Turkeyrator is back!

First of many Christmas parties was with Katharine and the Nothe Tavern team, meal was nice, quiz was a disaster, alcohol was plenty!

Clive, Jasmine, Georgia, & Nina

Arlee & Ash

Katherine happy to have tried the Venison....  did somebody say more wine!

At the cocktail bar - Someone forgot to tell me I had dentist at 9am in the morning - was not the best idea in the world!

A few days later was my department work party, a bit more sedated, mainly due to the people, but then again we did start at 2pm and finished 10 hours later!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life drawing

Last drawing lesson of the year 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

End of season Windsurf Competition

Last T15 session of the season, and they decided to arrange a competition in force 5/6 winds. Unfortunatly Bethany was unable to take part, but Oliver pulled out all the stops and finished 2nd, a great result for just 5 months training.

Pictures and results at the following site

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back in the UK

Arrived back at 06:30 to rain and thunder, flight was ok apart from the 6 trips to the toilet from two of the kids and the man next to me on the other isle who had serious odour problem. 
Wide awake Oh no my mistake